Day 2

Next day after braking my ankle I woke up and realized I couldn’t just go to the bathroom like before and wash my teeth and face standing up normally. I just stayed in bed looking at the crutches not wanting to use them ha. But eventually I would have to go pee and wash my teeth so I got the courage and started using them crutches.

It was soo hard using those sticks grrrr I didn’t even know how to move around with them or how to turn and stuff ughh it was awful. So I decided to just stay on bed and just get up if i needed it to.

On bed my stomach started making noises 😦  yup I was getting hungry…very hungry. My brother was at work so I was home by myself. I got up and went to the kitchen; there I realized I couldn’t do anything!!! It was either holding the crutches with my hands and not grab anything or grab food and just fall -__-.  So I Just grab some bread and a bottle of water that I put in my short’s pocket ha. I  went back to bed and started eating (man I was hungry lol).

After a while my friend (the one in the picture) came in to check on me and see how I was doing. I got happy cause I wanted to take a shower so bad so I wanted to take advantage that my friend was there so she could help me. But…it didn’t happen as I imagined -_- cause she left right away and I was already in the bathroom like -ok.  So I tried to tape a bag on my foot with the splint and I took my clothes off when I looked at the tub wondering how am I gonna get in! I was only able to use my right foot and I didnt know how to get in the tub I mean it was terrible. So I got mad and just went to bed again. Few minutes later my Cousin came with her girls and brought me food I was so happy she was there. Then I asked her if she could help me take a shower and she did 🙂

So I ate and everything was ok I was still on bed with my foot elevated I got a call from the orthopedic center they wanted me to see me the next day. I was a little nervous I didn’t know what was gonna happen or what the Dr would say.

Day 2 after breaking my ankle was alright the only thing depressing was taking a shower and not be able to prepare my own meal. Being home by myself without no one was pretty tough and sad, I didn’t know what to do just stay on bed watching netflix and texting and it was getting bored. I would get happy when my brother got home cause I had someone to talk to and share. But it was really deppresing. I just couldn’t wait for next day to go to the orthopedic and see what he had to say.


My Ankle Story

Day 1

May 17th 2015. The day everything changed for me.

Hey my name is Genesis and I’m a normal girl (23 years old) that works, goes to the gym, hangs out, etc. Everything was good, I would have fun. Then, One day at work I heard about this picnic everyone was talking about and they invited me to come. I still remember my thoughts of not going to that picnic cause I thought “everyone here is married, has kids… I’ll be the only one there under 30 and is gonna be so boring” so I told them NOPE I’m not going but thanks for inviting me.

A day before that picnic my co-worker was telling me to go with her that she would pick me up bla bla. Then another co-worker asked me the same thing. Then I said OK I “might” go. Next day which it was a Sunday I woke up made pancakes and then I said to myself “you know what? I’ll be bored here anyways I’ll just go” so I got ready and went. I got there and everyone was glad to see me I ate some food it was all going good and nice, I told my friend we should go for a walk cause I’ve never been at that park before, so she told me to wait for her while she goes to the restroom. Then, here’s where all started; I saw the swings (I love swings! yay swings!) and I just couldn’t wait for my friend and I just wanted to go on those swings ha. I started swinging and swinging, harder and harder and I was getting higher I was swinging so hard the whole thing was moving but I was loving it. Like always I thought jumping off the damn swing, which I always do (always). But, the difference was that I was swinging so hard and high and when I jumped off the friking swing I landed so bad my whole body fell over my left ankle and I still remember the sound of the “Pop” when the bone broke ;( . Actually my friends heard it too and I just stayed on the floor telling myself “nothing happened”. When I realized I couldn’t move at all I started getting scared, so they picked me up and put me over a table. They were all around me asking me “can you move your foot!!”… I was still like not believing what just happened and so i tried to make it look like I was ok but I wasn’t. I said -If my mom was here she would be like -It’s always you!!! -_-. You are always the one that would make me run to the hospital!. And yeah I was unfortunately 😦  the hyper one, but oh well. My brother was hyper too but he`s a guy and it’s like normal I guess Idk.

Anyways, I was on that table wondering what just happened. Then they took off my shoe and the pain got worse and I started crying and crying, it was horrible my whole body was shaking like when you’re very cold and your mouth shakes ugh it was a horrible feeling. I was crying so bad and breathing so hard and fast and deep that I went into shock and everyone was trying to calm me down. This guy held my hand and was telling me -Everything’s gonna be ok don’t worry, take a deep breathe… I was just in another world. And everyone was saying -you probably just dislocated it or something, like trying to make me feel better and I wanted to believe them but I knew something was not right. They wrapped my foot in a towel with some belts and the guys from work carried me into my friend’s car and she took me to the hospital. (The longest ride ever for me).

When I got there they started asking a bunch a questions and I had to do a lot of paperwork which I hated it cause I was like -Hello!!! I’m in pain here I’m shaking I need something!!. And there was this nurse that pissed me off cause she was asking me about my race (Btw I’m a latina) and asking if I had papers If I was born here, when I already told her since the beginning I was born in Miami, Fl!!!. Ugh people. Ok well then they took me to the room, this nurse was there asking me more questions and I could only think about the pain. I was in a wheelchair then they told me to get on the bed which was hard cause I was still shaking and in pain, I told the nurse -You have to grab my foot from the heel not my leg cause I could feel the bone moving inside. Once I was on bed they put the Iv i think is called (lol), and finally they gave me a shot for the pain and a tiny pill you put under your tongue. That felt really great cause I started feeling relaxed and the pain was still there but it was softer so that’s where I started feeling a little better. Then the Dr came in, I told him what happened and he was asking me If i could move my toes and stuff. After that they took me to the x-rays room and it was a little hard cause I had to straighten my foot so they could capture the bone correctly and it hurt but I did it.

I was waiting in the room with my friends and co-worker, my brother was there too with my aunt. Then the Dr comes in and says “yes it’s broken” 😦  When he said that all I could think of was crutches, a cast, no heels ;((  no jeans, how will I shower?…all that. So the Dr made a splint on my foot and he was referring me to an orthopedic as he wanted them to see the x-rays to see if i needed surgery or not. I got scared when I heard the word “surgery”.


Aaaand this is me 😦  at the hospital. My brother took that picture and there’s my aunt my friend, co-worker. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. What a day!!. After I was discharged from the hospital I went home laid on bed and started making the whole movie again in my head. “Why did I jumped off that swing?!” Oh well things are done and I was just focusing in getting better and be careful, rest, eat, and don’t put weigh on my left foot…sounded so easy in my head ha. Not really.

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Hello world!

I decided to make this blog to share my story of breaking my ankle in 2 pieces. I’ve never gone through this in my entire life. I know there’s people going through worse things and I can’t imagine how their life is ;( . But I do know what it feels to being independent and then suddenly in just few seconds everything can change for you. You now depend in other people to do your things, you can’t walk, can’t cook, can’t even take a normal shower, you can’t do a lot of things.

And I’ve also learned to be grateful with people. When you are like this you can’t be demanding people or get mad at them or anything like that. You NEED them and when you realized that they are doing everything they can to help you then it just changes the way you see things.

In my case i live by myself only with my brother. He works everyday from 7 to 6. There is no way he could’ve take care of me. My oldest cousin lives in the next town close to us and she offered me to go stay at her house until I was ok to move around. At the beginning I didn’t want to cause I didn’t want to bother her. But now I am so thankful with her and my whole family for helping me. I don’t have a bunch of friends that can take me out or do stuff but I do have my family and I thank God for that all the time. I would’ve been lost without them 🙂 So here’s my story….