Hello world!

I decided to make this blog to share my story of breaking my ankle in 2 pieces. I’ve never gone through this in my entire life. I know there’s people going through worse things and I can’t imagine how their life is ;( . But I do know what it feels to being independent and then suddenly in just few seconds everything can change for you. You now depend in other people to do your things, you can’t walk, can’t cook, can’t even take a normal shower, you can’t do a lot of things.

And I’ve also learned to be grateful with people. When you are like this you can’t be demanding people or get mad at them or anything like that. You NEED them and when you realized that they are doing everything they can to help you then it just changes the way you see things.

In my case i live by myself only with my brother. He works everyday from 7 to 6. There is no way he could’ve take care of me. My oldest cousin lives in the next town close to us and she offered me to go stay at her house until I was ok to move around. At the beginning I didn’t want to cause I didn’t want to bother her. But now I am so thankful with her and my whole family for helping me. I don’t have a bunch of friends that can take me out or do stuff but I do have my family and I thank God for that all the time. I would’ve been lost without them 🙂 So here’s my story….


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