My Ankle Story

Day 1

May 17th 2015. The day everything changed for me.

Hey my name is Genesis and I’m a normal girl (23 years old) that works, goes to the gym, hangs out, etc. Everything was good, I would have fun. Then, One day at work I heard about this picnic everyone was talking about and they invited me to come. I still remember my thoughts of not going to that picnic cause I thought “everyone here is married, has kids… I’ll be the only one there under 30 and is gonna be so boring” so I told them NOPE I’m not going but thanks for inviting me.

A day before that picnic my co-worker was telling me to go with her that she would pick me up bla bla. Then another co-worker asked me the same thing. Then I said OK I “might” go. Next day which it was a Sunday I woke up made pancakes and then I said to myself “you know what? I’ll be bored here anyways I’ll just go” so I got ready and went. I got there and everyone was glad to see me I ate some food it was all going good and nice, I told my friend we should go for a walk cause I’ve never been at that park before, so she told me to wait for her while she goes to the restroom. Then, here’s where all started; I saw the swings (I love swings! yay swings!) and I just couldn’t wait for my friend and I just wanted to go on those swings ha. I started swinging and swinging, harder and harder and I was getting higher I was swinging so hard the whole thing was moving but I was loving it. Like always I thought jumping off the damn swing, which I always do (always). But, the difference was that I was swinging so hard and high and when I jumped off the friking swing I landed so bad my whole body fell over my left ankle and I still remember the sound of the “Pop” when the bone broke ;( . Actually my friends heard it too and I just stayed on the floor telling myself “nothing happened”. When I realized I couldn’t move at all I started getting scared, so they picked me up and put me over a table. They were all around me asking me “can you move your foot!!”… I was still like not believing what just happened and so i tried to make it look like I was ok but I wasn’t. I said -If my mom was here she would be like -It’s always you!!! -_-. You are always the one that would make me run to the hospital!. And yeah I was unfortunately 😦  the hyper one, but oh well. My brother was hyper too but he`s a guy and it’s like normal I guess Idk.

Anyways, I was on that table wondering what just happened. Then they took off my shoe and the pain got worse and I started crying and crying, it was horrible my whole body was shaking like when you’re very cold and your mouth shakes ugh it was a horrible feeling. I was crying so bad and breathing so hard and fast and deep that I went into shock and everyone was trying to calm me down. This guy held my hand and was telling me -Everything’s gonna be ok don’t worry, take a deep breathe… I was just in another world. And everyone was saying -you probably just dislocated it or something, like trying to make me feel better and I wanted to believe them but I knew something was not right. They wrapped my foot in a towel with some belts and the guys from work carried me into my friend’s car and she took me to the hospital. (The longest ride ever for me).

When I got there they started asking a bunch a questions and I had to do a lot of paperwork which I hated it cause I was like -Hello!!! I’m in pain here I’m shaking I need something!!. And there was this nurse that pissed me off cause she was asking me about my race (Btw I’m a latina) and asking if I had papers If I was born here, when I already told her since the beginning I was born in Miami, Fl!!!. Ugh people. Ok well then they took me to the room, this nurse was there asking me more questions and I could only think about the pain. I was in a wheelchair then they told me to get on the bed which was hard cause I was still shaking and in pain, I told the nurse -You have to grab my foot from the heel not my leg cause I could feel the bone moving inside. Once I was on bed they put the Iv i think is called (lol), and finally they gave me a shot for the pain and a tiny pill you put under your tongue. That felt really great cause I started feeling relaxed and the pain was still there but it was softer so that’s where I started feeling a little better. Then the Dr came in, I told him what happened and he was asking me If i could move my toes and stuff. After that they took me to the x-rays room and it was a little hard cause I had to straighten my foot so they could capture the bone correctly and it hurt but I did it.

I was waiting in the room with my friends and co-worker, my brother was there too with my aunt. Then the Dr comes in and says “yes it’s broken” 😦  When he said that all I could think of was crutches, a cast, no heels ;((  no jeans, how will I shower?…all that. So the Dr made a splint on my foot and he was referring me to an orthopedic as he wanted them to see the x-rays to see if i needed surgery or not. I got scared when I heard the word “surgery”.


Aaaand this is me 😦  at the hospital. My brother took that picture and there’s my aunt my friend, co-worker. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. What a day!!. After I was discharged from the hospital I went home laid on bed and started making the whole movie again in my head. “Why did I jumped off that swing?!” Oh well things are done and I was just focusing in getting better and be careful, rest, eat, and don’t put weigh on my left foot…sounded so easy in my head ha. Not really.


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