Day 2

Next day after braking my ankle I woke up and realized I couldn’t just go to the bathroom like before and wash my teeth and face standing up normally. I just stayed in bed looking at the crutches not wanting to use them ha. But eventually I would have to go pee and wash my teeth so I got the courage and started using them crutches.

It was soo hard using those sticks grrrr I didn’t even know how to move around with them or how to turn and stuff ughh it was awful. So I decided to just stay on bed and just get up if i needed it to.

On bed my stomach started making noises 😦  yup I was getting hungry…very hungry. My brother was at work so I was home by myself. I got up and went to the kitchen; there I realized I couldn’t do anything!!! It was either holding the crutches with my hands and not grab anything or grab food and just fall -__-.  So I Just grab some bread and a bottle of water that I put in my short’s pocket ha. I  went back to bed and started eating (man I was hungry lol).

After a while my friend (the one in the picture) came in to check on me and see how I was doing. I got happy cause I wanted to take a shower so bad so I wanted to take advantage that my friend was there so she could help me. But…it didn’t happen as I imagined -_- cause she left right away and I was already in the bathroom like -ok.  So I tried to tape a bag on my foot with the splint and I took my clothes off when I looked at the tub wondering how am I gonna get in! I was only able to use my right foot and I didnt know how to get in the tub I mean it was terrible. So I got mad and just went to bed again. Few minutes later my Cousin came with her girls and brought me food I was so happy she was there. Then I asked her if she could help me take a shower and she did 🙂

So I ate and everything was ok I was still on bed with my foot elevated I got a call from the orthopedic center they wanted me to see me the next day. I was a little nervous I didn’t know what was gonna happen or what the Dr would say.

Day 2 after breaking my ankle was alright the only thing depressing was taking a shower and not be able to prepare my own meal. Being home by myself without no one was pretty tough and sad, I didn’t know what to do just stay on bed watching netflix and texting and it was getting bored. I would get happy when my brother got home cause I had someone to talk to and share. But it was really deppresing. I just couldn’t wait for next day to go to the orthopedic and see what he had to say.


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